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In the world of education, as it pertains to web site design and usability, 508 compliance is paramount. In essence, a website needs to be readable by any browser, at any location (including public libraries), by anyone with any potential disability. In the world of web design, there are a number of obstacles in the form of various browsers that make layout a challenge alone, not to mention other impactful items such as screen zoom or content readers for the visually impaired.

The challenge here relates to the fact that the organizing body was also encompassing school accreditation content from another regional body and national orgainized body. So with a mountain of content and strict 508 adherence guidelines, the site required an easy navigation and a flexible layout.

Our process moves through wireframes for layout, three initial design options and ultimately a prototype build for testing. Elements such as logo placement, navigation menu and other must-haves are addressed in the wireframing stage. This serves as a precursor to address important items. This is important simply because if we dove straight into design, elements such as color and photography selections become a distraction.

Once the important items are addressed, we move forward with design and layout. In this stage, we present three design options. From the chosen direction, we work towards refinement in revision stages. Once we have a desired graphic design layout, we move towards turning the wireframes and design studies into a working HTML prototype. Once we've created the prototype, we put it through rigorous testing to ensure usability requirements are met, and the layout works with all browsers.

Two years after the site launched, the organizations tripled the number of registered users to the site, improved online usage many times over and was handling an impressive usage increase. The dramatic increase in online accreditation submissions helped assist in an area that required a technologial infusion on a rather dated process. Further, the online submission process combined with availablity of informationa and services and tools helped to strengthen overall relationships.

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