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Atlanta Web Site Design provides quality graphic design, web design and development services for small to medium sized companies. As an Atlanta Custom Web Site Design service. We help a wide range of Atlanta businesses across a spectrum of industries. We operate out of Atlanta, however, we work with clients around the Southeast. Our Atlanta based web design company designs, develops and implements a professional package. Simplicity is our mantra and we stand behind it 100%. Contact us today.

Web Design in Atlanta has become our primary expertise. After over 10 years of experience we have developed a process that has dramatically improves the quality of our work, as well as the strength of communication necessarily to create successful Atlanta Web site Design projects. View our concept development process to get a general idea of our approach.

When working with Design Logic Creative there are no limitations to your development or design project. There are always areas that you will forget to cover or need improvement on. We hold your hand your hand through the entire process giving your company the knowledge and support it needs to be successful online. Making a company look good online is what we do best.

For us, the best part of every project is making it work for you! Please contact us for a free consultation and proposal,


Andy Ford

Almost 98% of our Atlanta Custom Web Site Design customers host and depend on us to construct their Atlanta web design and projects professionally and securely down to the last pixel and line of code. We enjoy doing quality development and marketing while gaining the trust and good working relationships with our clients in Georgia as well as through out the world. only believes in delivering quality work and stands behind every proposal with 100% commitment and will only give clients what is necessary to make the online based project function and receive traffic the way you intend it to. When assembling your website proposal and Atlanta web development contract we ask the questions that normally would not be asked, this helps us gauge the project up front and give us an in-depth look into your company's strengths and unique approaches to find your niche. Our Atlanta web site design firm was founded in October of 2001. Thank-you for taking the time to learn more about Design Logic Creative. We would enjoy hearing about your project. You can contact us here.

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Atlanta Web Design

SEO and Search Engine Optimization, Design, Application Design and award winning interactive agency located in Atlanta. We specialize in top flight web optimization from the ground up: strategy, design, and custom application development. Regardless of where your project is in the implementation pipeline, we have the vision, experience, and technical sophistication to highlight your capabilities in the most effective way possible.
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Atlanta Web Design Design Logic Creative - Case Study: Advance Ed Design Logic Creative Case Study - The White's Building

Client Testimonials

"Andy has been an extremely valuable asset to our firm. His creativity and precision is by far the best in the industry. His expertise and innovative style is truly an art! I recommend Andy to anyone that is seeking a professional with visionary ideas and superior results."
- Carlos Quinones President & CEO Display America, Inc.
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Atlanta born and raised

If your company is in metro Atlanta and you seek web design services, consider doing business with Design Logic Creative. Hiring a local Atlanta web design firm allows you to meet frequently, build a more trusting relationship, and tap into the local network of creative and technical services.

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The Web Development Process Explained

There are two basic questions asked 1) how long it will take? and 2) how much will it cost? The answer depends on the complexity and size of the project. Smaller brochure sites involve minimal technical requirements and generally center around establishing a first phase web site that can grow in the future. Custom development of web applications have much steeper requirements and involve dedicated project management and technical know-how.

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Custom Website Development

The 10 basic steps to any project: 1. Interview, 2. Research, 3. Site Map Creation, 4. Website Proposal, 5. Web Site Contract, 6. Web Design Mock-Up Approval Stage, 7. Web Site Completion, 8. Web Site Testing, 9. Web Site Launch, 10. Customer Survey

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Affordable internet marketing strategy

Great looking websites that standout from the competition do not have to cost a fortune. However, websites that are created from predesigned templates are often less likely to impress new visitors, either. While using a template might be ideal for those with almost no budget, DLC's sites are custom, which means that you never have to worry about your site getting lost in the crowd. Please have a look at our work for yourself. We think you'll agree that our websites make people stop and pay attention.
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Atlanta Web Design

Sites that perform

The web is one of the greatest marketing tools period, yet 95% of the web sites out there are ineffective. However, it certainly doesn't have to be that way. If you simply employ a few tools that we can easily make available to you, you can very easily gage how well your site is performing. Then you can simply employ the strategy and tactics to increase traffic and contacts yourself, if you so desire.

Atlanta Wordpress development

How would you like to make simple updates to your site without needing to go through the vendor? We specialize in that by employing popular open source Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. We then provide training, a manual and a handy cheat sheet. If you can operate Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, then you can manage your website through one of these systems.

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We do more than just web sites

Trained in print media while the Internet was still but a mere novelty for much of the world, we have an extensive background in brochures, annual reports, traditional newsletters, fliers, posters, T-shirts, stationary, business cards and branding and identities. We understand CMYK as well as RGB. We can also assist you in choosing the top web host for your web site